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Who Is Pantheon Tech Yard

I am a gamer who likes to code and play minecraft over the years I got into stuff like creating apps coding and other stuff right now I am going to take my python exam and once I am done I will be a certified python programmer but when I am not preparing I decide to learn new languages like language Lua I suggest if you want do stuff like this you should go for it


My Apps

My Meal Planner App

This is my meal planner that will pick your meal for you with over 50 choices for you it has breakfast, brunch, lunch ,dinner and dessert

My Secret Diary App

This is my secret diary app that is password protected so you dont have to bother hiding it also is saved to the cloud so you can retrive your old entries

My Search App 2

This is my search app that I made a while ago it is the first one I have made it is basic but works well it is also connected to google

My Flashlight App

This is my basic flashlight app it is connected to your phones flashlight you turn it on by pressing on and turn it off by pressing off if you ever want to try my apps contact me on my contact page


My Animated Videos