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A Little Bit About Me

Hi im Jason or Jaja im a gamer and a coder i spend most of my time coding or playing games like minecraft, fortnite and roblox. I am also a certified python proggramer

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What You Will Find Here

You will find all the different things I do from coding to gaming


I like to play minecraft most of the time between the mix of creative and survival I specialize in building homes, bases and traps.


I recently became a certified python programmer. I am moving on to more advanced exams.


I love to play fortnite. I am good at speed building. I love chapter three and spider man coming to the game.

Realm Royale

I recommend realm royale for new battle royale players. It is good to start with it considering fortnite is more advanced


I am currently learning C++. It is similar to python just a little bit advanced.


Frag is a game similar to paladin pro shooter there are hundreds of player cards to choose from.